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An auto accident lawyer will help you fully understand your rights and the monetary benefits to which you may be entitled to.

Fort Lauderdale is a highly popular city to both live in and visit, with one of the largest populations of any cities in South Florida. With such a high number of people working, living, coming and going, roads can be a little congested. As a result, Fort Lauderdale has become known in automotive groups as an area with many car accidents.

In some seasons, there are few tourists, leaving its 165,000 citizens with less congestion, but in tourist seasons, the 12 million tourists who visit Fort Lauderdale every year make the roads crowded and dangerous. Accidents that result from this congestion are varied, but with some hazardous roadways, they’re not too uncommon.

The Most Common Risks of Car Accidents in Ft. Lauderdale

1-800VINCENT know that if you have a car accident, you will struggle to get the compensation you deserve if you don’t have the right legal representation. When this happens, getting your life back to normal, or in some cases even close to normal, can be an uphill battle. Car accidents can have serious consequences, here are some more common ones:

Common Car Crash Injuries in Ft Lauderdale

If you’re driving or a passenger in an automobile that has an accident, you might be subjected to the following injuries:

  • A head trauma
  • A bone fracture in one or multiple bones, including the skull
  • Whiplash – a painful condition that results in a bruised brain and can be very dangerous
  • Accident injuries to the soft tissues of the body – potentially cuts, lacerations and bruises
  • Spinal cord damage – a painful and potentially debilitating condition
  • Burns

You might have to have immediate surgery to prevent paralysis in some spinal cord injuries, and some impact injuries can make amputation the only option.

Medical Expenses

If you have unexpected medical expenses due to an accident, it can put you in a very difficult place. Unexpected medical expenses are one of the most common reasons that people have to declare bankruptcy in America. Most car crashes, along with their medical expenses, are unexpected and can be very stressful. If you don’t have an experienced car accident attorney on your side, it can be difficult to gauge just how much you can expect to get in compensation.

Your attorney’s experience is crucial, as they are more likely to give you a realistic picture of your compensation – if an inexperienced attorney gets your hopes up and then can’t deliver, you can find yourself even more stressed after the settlement. 1-800VINCENT will connect you with a car accident attorney in Ft. Lauderdale who has experience in cases very similar to yours, someone, who can fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.

Lost Work

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is sadly common not to work for some time after your accident. This lost work can be a disaster for any household, especially those living paycheck-to-paycheck. If you have lost work from an accident that wasn’t your fault, it is not at all fair for you to have to suffer the consequences.

However long your time off work has been, you should be compensated for your loss of income. Having a skilled lawyer on board will help the chances of you securing that money that you have lost from not being able to work. A car accident attorney in Ft. Lauderdale will help you claim compensation properly.

Reduce Your Risk of Car Accident Consequences

The best way for you to reduce the risk of severe medical or financial consequences from an accident that wasn’t your fault continue to impact your life, you need to find the right accident attorney for your case.

Of course, this is assuming you are already brushed up on key safety measures and don’t take risks when you’re driving (prevention is always better than cure). Regardless of how safe you’re driving, accidents do happen, and our network of car accident lawyers will have one or more lawyers near you who will be able to help you to gain compensation for an unjust accident.

How 1-800Vincent Can Help You

1-800Vincent offers a free consultation service. You can call our lawyer referral service, which will listen to your case for absolutely no charge. We will use the information you give us about your case to go through our network of car accident attorneys in ft. Lauderdale and find one that suits your case best.

That means you don’t have to go through blind trust in online adverts or recommendations from people in different situations – when you phone Vincent, you know you’re getting the best lawyer for your circumstance.

The lawyer we pair you with will have experience fighting for claims like yours and will be able to help you every step of the way, whether that’s offering advice or fighting your corner in court or in negotiations with your insurance company. With an expert lawyer on your side, you can focus on what you need: rest and recovery.


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