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You may be eligible to receive monetary benefits. 

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Insurance companies will try to use any information they can to prove that the degree of your injuries is less than specified.

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An auto accident lawyer will help you fully understand your rights and the monetary benefits to which you may be entitled to.

South Miami is a hotspot for families (ranked among the top 10 Floridian cities for young families), businesses and, of course, traffic. Whether cars are on their way to serve the many businesses that aren’t close to the Metrorail or drop by South Miami Hospital on Route 1, all that traffic does come with some consequences. One of those consequences is that it increases traffic accidents and personal injuries stemming from them.

Traffic accidents can be incredibly varied; some can cause nothing more than some superficial damage to a vehicle and a small bruise, while others can cause wrongful death. The world of auto accidents comes with a price tag: they’ll leave you feeling shaken up and highly vulnerable. That’s why having a car accident attorney in South Miami shouldn’t just be a thought that crosses your mind.

The Many Benefits of Car Accident Attorneys

When you have an accident, it’s Florida law for you to get a police officer to the scene. Having an authority figure there can be reassuring, but it often doesn’t provide that sense of security that those who are feeling vulnerable need at that moment. The police officer will file an accident report and then be on their way.

It’s a sad truth that you have to be careful with how you explain the accident to the police officer, as any mistakes in your account can be used against you if you have to go to court. That’s one of the reasons that having a legal expert on your side is so valuable.

You won’t have to worry about what to say, or if you’re accidentally doing something wrong, when you have experienced legal counsel on your side, you will feel supported and safe throughout the process.

There are many more reasons to hire a car accident attorney too:

  • Everybody Can Afford Good Legal Protection

Legal help has a reputation of being something for the rich. Lawyers are thought of as being too expensive for many to afford. That’s not the case when you’ve been in a car crash. When you phone 1-800VINCENT, you will get a completely free lawyer referral service.

That means that our team listen diligently to your case and select a lawyer from our network of established and experienced attorneys throughout South Miami.

Once you have your car accident attorney in South Miami, they will typically work for a contingency fee. This means that once you hire your lawyer, they work on a no-win, no-fee basis; only charging you a certain percentage of your overall winnings. Make sure you discuss all payment up front with your new legal representative to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Local Knowledge from a Local Expert

When you phone VINCENT, we connect you not only with excellent lawyers, but with excellent lawyers near to the location where you had your crash, or where you live if that’s more convenient for you. That means that you reap the benefits of a local expert. Your car accident attorney in South Miami will be able to connect you with the right doctors for you to visit, as they will be experienced in the specific personal injuries that you are facing.

  • Highly Effective at Collecting Evidence

Car accident attorneys are very effective at collecting evidence. They can stage interviews with eyewitnesses and even reconstruct the scene of the accident if it helps your case. You won’t need to contact witnesses yourself and ask them tough questions before presenting your evidence to the court – a hard ask for anybody who has just suffered the trauma of a car accident.

  • Tough Negotiators on Your Side

It’s no secret that insurance companies are for-profit businesses. That means that if they can find a way to make more profit, they will do so. Unfortunately, that means that they can be very tough to negotiate a claim with. They might offer you the compensation that is not as much as you deserve and make you think that taking that compensation is your only option.

When you hire an experienced car accident attorney in South Miami, you will get a tough negotiator who will fight for you both in and out of court. They are very familiar with dealing with insurance companies and will look out for your best interests.

VINCENT Is Here to Help

So, if you’ve been a victim of an auto accident in South Miami, call 1-800VINCENT today. We are here to help you find the perfect lawyer for your exact circumstance. We’ll connect you with an attorney who will provide all the benefits above and more for absolutely no charge. We will never give you any hidden charges; we solely believe in helping those who rightly need some legal representation to get the compensation they deserve.


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Take pictures of the accident scene and collect eyewitness statements.

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Call Vincent and give him the details about your accident. Let Vincent match your case with a personal injury lawyer near you.

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Leave your worries in the hands of your injury attorney.

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