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You may be eligible to receive monetary benefits. 

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An auto accident lawyer will help you fully understand your rights and the monetary benefits to which you may be entitled to.

Like many regions of Florida, Broward County sees its fair share of car accidents. From light and minor shunts and scrapes through to high-speed collisions, Broward County sees thousands of car accidents on its roads each month.

Over a year, this does add up. Even though you may believe that you’re safe when you take to the roads, it’s worth remembering that other motorists can be the cause of your car crash – not you.

If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident anywhere in Broward County, you need to know what to do to recover. In this guide, 1-800Vincent lays out what you ought to do to seek and win the compensation that you deserve following your accident.

Ensure You’re Safe

Before we start focusing on your compensation claim, let’s first take a moment to ensure that you’re safe. Have you sought medical attention after your accident? If so, did your doctor tell you that you need treatment – and have you organized this treatment?

If you’ve not received medical treatment of any kind after your car accident, we strongly recommend that you do so. Even minor shunts can result in back pain from whiplash and long-term headaches from a concussion. Don’t ignore these injuries until they become intolerable: go now to the doctor. You’ll be able to claim for the costs of these visits later when you make your compensation claim.

Making a Compensation Claim

Naturally, when you make a compensation claim, you’re looking to prove in a court of law that you deserve cashback for the accident that you experienced on the road. This claim is formed by a lawyer who represents you – it’s almost impossible to go it alone, not to mention incredibly time-consuming.

When you make your compensation claim, you’ll be leveraging two areas of the law:

  • You’ll be showing that you were not liable for the crash that took place. This means you’ll look to prove through legal means that another party was liable for your accident. This will be the defendant, who will aim to disprove your claim.
  • You’ll also be leveraging the compensation mechanism itself. This helps you win back all the cash that you’ve spent as a result of your car accident. It can total thousands of dollars, and this is the payout that your case will result in if you can prove the defendant’s liability in your case.

Now that you understand how your claim will work, it’s time to start thinking about finding the ideal lawyer to work on this case for you.

Finding a Lawyer

There are two main ways to find and work with a lawyer:

  • You can trawl through the internet looking at law firms in Broward County. There are hundreds of law firms in the county, but few specialize in the kind of law that you’re going to need to leverage to win your case. Furthermore, you’ll waste hours on hold, or talking to legal secretaries, when all you want is to find a lawyer who wants to win your case for you.
  • Instead, you can talk to 1-800Vincent. We’re here to make your life so much easier – we do the heavy lifting to find you a lawyer who we believe will best represent you in your compensation case.

How 1-800Vincent Works

We operate a simple lawyer referral service for our clients. This means that when you call us up, we listen to your case, and we’ll make notes about your specific accident. Then, we’ll leap into action by consulting our large network of legal professionals in the Broward County area – all of whom have years of experience in fighting auto accident cases.

When we get back to you, it’ll be because we’ve selected a car accident lawyer in Broward County who we know will stand a brilliant chance of winning your case. They’ll also be experts in your specific type of car accident, which means they’ll be a joy to work alongside from start to finish.

Your Claim

Your car accident attorney will ask you to gather evidence of all of the costs that you can attribute to your car accident. This shouldn’t be difficult – you can look at your bank statement. Pay particular attention to:

  • Medical treatment, which you should keep track of as you recover.
  • All property damage, which will include your vehicle and your possessions, clothes, and gadgets.
  • Any lost wages since you’ve been unable to work.
  • All transportation fees you’ve shouldered as a result of your car being out of action.
  • Pain and suffering, which is usually denoted by a doctor’s note about the severity of your injuries.

All of these costs will add up to your total compensation claim.

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