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You may be eligible to receive monetary benefits. 

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Insurance companies will try to use any information they can to prove that the degree of your injuries is less than specified.

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An auto accident lawyer will help you fully understand your rights and the monetary benefits to which you may be entitled to.

Whether you are from the center of East Hialeah, or you regularly pass through the city on your way into Miami, or back to your suburban home, you will know that this is one of the more peaceful parts of Florida. It is charming to drive these roads, and it is often quiet and without too much traffic.

Nonetheless, driving in East Hialeah is not without its risks. Data shows that there are dozens of car accidents in East Hialeah every week – ranging from severe car crashes in which long term injuries are sustained to minor shunts where medical treatment for injuries was minimal.

If you have been involved in such an accident – whether serious or small – you should always seek medical attention, and – once you are safe – seek legal advice. You see, you may be due compensation. Read on to learn why – and how you will win it.

How Compensation Works

Compensation is a simple legal mechanism. The basic argument in a legal case regarding compensation is that the claimant – that is you – will be out of pocket after an accident. You will have lost money that you are asking someone else to reimburse you for. And you are asking someone else because you are asserting that they were liable for the accident.

Car accidents are often complex – and can involve split liability. But in your case, you must find an accident attorney who will be able to look at your case and make a judgement about whether your due compensation, and how you can win it.

Legal Help

Accessing legal help un–East Hialeah can be torturous and frustrating. If you are not used to working with law firms, you may find that you are talking between your insurance company and different auto accident lawyers, trying to determine who might be best to work with, and why. It is not very clear – and legal advice can be expensive.

This is exactly why 1-800VINCENT offers a lawyer referral service for those in East Hialeah and the surrounding suburbs. We know how flummoxing it can be to try to find and receive legal help. We aim to make it as simple as picking up the phone and describing your case to our team.

Our Process

So, you have decided to ask 1-800VINCENT for help. That is fantastic – we are at hand for a free consultation to answer all of your questions and to listen to when it happened in your auto accident.

When you call us, we will ask about when your accident occurred, and what happened – and whether you were injured in that accident. We will take notes, and then we will search through our extensive contact book of legal professionals to find the best-match lawyer for your specific case.

How will we do this? By matching you to a car accident lawyer in East Hialeah – local, so they can relate to you, and so that you can visit their office if you wish. And we are looking for an experienced match – a lawyer who has won compensation claims in cases just like yours. They will be best placed to offer you their years of experience to win you the cash you deserve.

What Cash Can I Claim?

Now that you have been matched with an expert accident attorney who will be able to guide your case to a suitable outcome, it is time to concentrate on working out exactly how large your compensation claim will be. This requires you to do a little work.

You need to begin taking notes of all the different expenses your car accident has led you to shoulder. Keep receipts where possible – or mark entries on your bank statement to show where you are out of pocket. These expenses might include:

  • Medical treatment – highly expensive if you were seriously injured. You will also be able to claim for pain and suffering, in the event of long-term
  • Property damage. This one is quite clear-cut and includes your car as well as possessions caught within it.
  • Lost wages. Been out of work for a while after your accident? You are able to claim cash for the time you have been off.
  • Any other costs you can tie to your accident – including transport fees, missed vacations and bookings, and the cost of doing your chores when injured or without a vehicle.

Your lawyer will help you gather this financial evidence and will prompt you for all the costs you might be forgetting when making your compensation claim.

Winning Your Claim

When you work with a car accident attorney that we recommend you, you will stand a great chance of winning the compensation that you deserve. This will either take place in court, or an out-of-court settlement made between you and the defendant. You lawyer will advise you on whether to accept such a settlement.

With great legal representation, you can win back all the cash you lost in your car accident. That is why we strongly recommend you call us today – so 1-800VINCENT can begin sorting you out with a car accident lawyer in East Hialeah.


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Step 1


Take pictures of the accident scene and collect eyewitness statements.

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Call Vincent and give him the details about your accident. Let Vincent match your case with a personal injury lawyer near you.

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Step 3


Leave your worries in the hands of your injury attorney.

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