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Whether you’re from Hollywood, Hialeah, or central Miami, it’s an unfortunate fact that car accidents happen every day on your streets. If you’re a driver in the Greater Miami area, each time that you get behind the wheel might be the time that you are involved in a car accident.

Now, many such accidents are minor. You’ll experience a shunt, there will be a little damage to your vehicle, and insurance claims might be made to cover up that damage. But, in the event of a more serious car crash – and especially one in which injury cases occur – you’ll need to respond with legal representation to win you compensation.  

Your Crash

When you’re involved in a car accident, it’s completely normal to feel dazed, confused, and a little traumatized too. Indeed, if you’re a resident of Hollywood, you’ll be so used to cruising on the area’s roads that you’ll be completely taken aback when you are involved in a car accident upon them.

In any case, your priority after your auto accident is to be safe and to make sure your health is taken care of. To this end, be sure to receive medical attention as soon after your collision as possible. If you’re able to safely, this is also a time to take photos or videos of the scene of your accident and to gather phone numbers or email addresses of witnesses. These will be helpful in court.

Your Claim

Two major factors will determine your claim for compensation after an accident on the roads. The first is your liability – that is, who is responsible for the car accident that took place. Often, this is relatively clear-cut. Sometimes, liability is split between different motorists.

The second element to your claim is the amount of cash that you will be requesting. This makes up your compensation payout. If you can prove that you were not at fault for your accident, you will be granted a full payout of whatever you’ve accounted for losing during and after your car accident. Let’s take a look at all of those costs now.

Adding Up the Costs

A car accident can be costly. It can result in thousands of dollars of damage to your vehicle, and thousands of dollars of payments in medical fees, surgeries, medications, rehabilitation, and other medical treatment. Here’s what you’ll add to your compensation claim:

  • All cash that you spend on the medical side to get better after your personal injury in your accident.
  • Property damage – to your car, your clothing, your accessories, or your gadgets.
  • Lost wages, if you’re required to take tie off work to recover from your accident.
  • Pain and suffering payouts, which are generally proportional to the severity of your injury. A severe injury will equal a high pain and suffering payout.
  • Transport fees, hire car costs, taxi expenses, and missed event and vacations. These can add up over time.

Now you’ll come to see how serious it is to be involved in a car accident – you may be on course to lose tens of thousands of dollars. That’s exactly why car accident attorneys exist to win you this cashback in the form of compensation.

Car Accident Attorneys

When you’ve added up the costs, and you’ve recovered physically and mentally from your car accident, it’s time to sit down and plan your compensation case. To do this, you need a lawyer.

Looking for such a lawyer on your own – ideally, a car accident lawyer in Hollywood – can take a long, long time. You have to trawl the internet, place dozens of calls, sign dubious contracts, and agree to high rates. It’s a minefield, and it’s very frustrating.

At 1-800Vincent, we take an entirely different approach. You come to us with a one-off phone call, and we do all the heavy lifting to find you the best-fit lawyer to fight your case with you. We run a lawyer referral service to help you get linked with the legal professional you need as soon after your accident as possible.

Our Process

When you call up 1-800Vincent, you’ll be asked some basic details about your case. We need to hear what happened so that we can consult our contact book of car accident lawyers in Hollywood to find the professional who has experience fighting cases identical to yours.

That’s why our service is so useful: we not only match you with local lawyers in Hollywood, but we also link you with those with years of experience as an accident attorney working across the region. No wonder our clients have such high success rates in getting the compensation they deserve.

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