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You may be eligible to receive monetary benefits. 

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Insurance companies will try to use any information they can to prove that the degree of your injuries is less than specified.

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An auto accident lawyer will help you fully understand your rights and the monetary benefits to which you may be entitled to.

With awesome views across North Bay, and great access to the beach and the long promenade that makes Miami such a tourism hotspot, Miami Shores is regarded as one of the most pleasant places to live in the whole of Florida.

When you’re a resident of a place like Miami Shores, you’ll spend plenty of time behind the wheel of your car – either committing into Miami, cruising by the coastline, or visiting friends and family across Florida. Sometimes, with no fault of your own, one of those journeys will result in a car accident.

If you’ve been recently involved in a car crash in the Miami Shores area, you’ve come to the right place. 1-800Vincent is dedicated to finding you the legal support you need to fight for and win compensation for your car accident. Here’s how you’ll do it.

Your Compensation

Compensation is a lump sum of cash that is determined by lawyers in court. It is paid to those who have suffered an accident unfairly – and it might also involve a personal injury which you have suffered. In all, compensation claims for auto accidents often total many thousands of dollars.

With such a large amount of cash on the line, you must work with the right legal team to win your compensation claim. Don’t look at your car insurance company – they’ll only payout for your vehicle damage. You’re looking for a lawyer who will represent you for all the injuries you’ve suffered after your accident occurred on the roads.

Your Total Costs

You may think that the damage to your vehicle is the most significant cost associated with your car accident – but there’s plenty more you’re able to claim for, too. Here are some examples:

  • Property damage, which includes damage to your vehicle as well as damage to your clothing and your possessions.
  • Lost wages – these can total a huge amount of cash if you’ve been out of work for some time due to your injuries.
  • Medical treatment – for all of the injuries that you sustained, and every cent you spend on your recovery.
  • If you suffered a long-term injury in your accident, you’ll also be able to claim for its impact on your life, too.

As you’ll see, your total costs will exceed the cost of your car alone. That’s why it’s so important that you work carefully with a legal professional who knows this area of law inside out. Their assistance will be valuable to you as you seek to win your case.

Your Car Accident Lawyer in Miami Shores

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to find a car accident lawyer in Miami Shores, Fl, to help you win compensation. That’s great: you’ve made a good decision that’ll benefit from the years of experience that a car accident attorney will have behind them.

Of course, you still have to find this promising professional – and that’s where things get tricky. How are you going to find the best-fit legal representative to work on your case on your own, when you have little understanding of the law or the law firms in the Miami Shores area?

The solution is to use our legal referral service. At 1-800Vincent, we’re adamant that you should spend as little time working on your case as possible – and that you should always be matched with the best-fit attorney for your specific case. Based on those values, we’ve developed a service to help those who have suffered a car crash quickly access the best legal talent in their area.

Our Service

When you call 1-800Vincent, one of our expert representatives will field your questions and listen to the details of your car accident. Remember that this is a free consultation – you’ll not be charged a penny for your time.

After hearing from you about your specific case and how it impacted your life, we’ll be ready to process your information to find the car accident lawyers in the Miami Shores area who will be best suited to work on your case.

After drawing up a shortlist, we’ll then work out the best-fit lawyer for your case. All the while, you’ll be able to sit back and wait for us to get in touch – connecting you with a legal professional, you can trust to win you the compensation you deserve.

Call Us Today

So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get in touch with our team at 1-800Vincent to cut some corners in finding excellent and trustworthy legal representation for your car accident compensation claim.

When you’re put in touch with an accident attorney who we believe is a wonderful fit for your case, you’ll then be left in their capable hands. You’ll barely have to lift a finger as they work hard on putting together your compensation claim – ensuring that you stand the best possible chance of winning the payout you’re looking for.


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Take pictures of the accident scene and collect eyewitness statements.

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Call Vincent and give him the details about your accident. Let Vincent match your case with a personal injury lawyer near you.

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Leave your worries in the hands of your injury attorney.

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