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You may be eligible to receive monetary benefits. 

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An auto accident lawyer will help you fully understand your rights and the monetary benefits to which you may be entitled to.

In Pinecrest and across the state of Florida, car accidents are common. Many accidents are the result of a road users’ negligence – which means that it’s often the case that one party in a car accident is innocent, and incredibly shocked when they’re involved in a car crash.

If this sounds familiar – if you’ve been involved in a car accident which came out of nowhere and left you feeling dazed, confused, and hard done by – this piece of wiring is for you.

Below, you’ll lend how to recover financially from the accident that you experienced in the region of Pinecrest – assembling a compensation claim which you’ll use to fight for the cash you deserve following your auto accident.

Am I Due Compensation?

The simple answer to this question is that you’ll never know until you contact a personal injury attorney or a lawyer referral service like 1-800Vincent. All lawyers will only pick up a case if they believe they – and you – have a chance of winning it. That’s a good sign of the viability of your case.

Meanwhile, all car accidents involve some form of dangerous driving – and if you were driving within the confines of the law, then you’re likely to be entitled to a payout from the liable party in your car accident.

How Do I Claim Compensation?

You can only claim compensation with the help of an experienced car accident lawyer in Pinecrest, Florida. If you don’t use a lawyer to build your compensation claim, you’ll not be able to assemble and file the necessary paperwork to win your case.

That’s fine: there are plenty of qualified and trustworthy lawyers in your area who will work on a no-win, no-fee basis with your claim. But you need to find the best possible lawyers to work with if you’re serious about winning compensation after your accident behind the wheel.

Finding a Lawyer

So, you’re looking for an experienced auto accident attorney to help you win your compensation case. Unfortunately, this can take weeks if not months of trawling the internet if you go it alone – and the firms that you find to work with may be untrustworthy or expensive. It’s far easier to use a lawyer referral service like the one offered by 1-800Vincent.

At 1-800Vincent, we connect victims of car accidents with lawyers who are best-placed to fight and win their case. We’ll offer you a free consultation, where we’ll learn a little about your car accident. Then, we’ll ask you to sit back and relax while we look to our extensive network of accident attorneys in the Pinecrest area.

We specialize specifically in connecting citizens with auto accident and personal injury lawyers – so you know you’ve come the right place when you’re referred a leading car accident attorney by 1-800Vincent.

Working With Your Lawyer

Once we’ve linked you with the best-fit car accident lawyer in Pinecrest, we’ll melt into the background, leaving you in the capable hands of that attorney.

We’ll have selected them based on their locality to you – so that you can visit their offices if necessary – and their experience working on cases that are similar to yours. This means you’ll be more likely to win your case quicker.

Your lawyer will ask you to present to them the expenses that you’ve had to shoulder for the duration of the period following your accident. This means you’ll have to make a list of all of the costs you’ve accumulated unfairly after your auto accident.

Your List of Expenses

Your list will vary in length and severity depending on the type of car accident that you experienced, and how you were injured in that accident. When a car is totaled and put out of action for life, and an individual suffers serious and long term injuries, the compensation payout can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You’re looking to list and keep track of the following specific expenses:

  • You’ll be able to claim for any medical treatment you’ve had – from hospital fees to acupuncture.
  • You should also keep track of all the property damage from your crash – from your vehicle to your cadets to your clothing.
  • If your injuries prevented you from working, you’ll be able to claim for lost wages.
  • Plus, you should claim for any transport costs that have replaced your vehicle – like taxis and public transport.

As you add up these different expenses, you’ll come to realize just how large your eventual compensation claim is going to be. That’s why we take compensation claims so seriously at 1-800Vincent – we know how pivotal they can be in one’s financial life.

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