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You may be eligible to receive monetary benefits. 

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Experiencing an injury – whether at work, in the streets, or in a private space – can be difficult and destabilizing. For thousands of people in Miami and hundreds in Little Haiti, an injury can strike at any time, in any place – leaving you in pain, requiring hospital treatment, and considering legal avenues to pursue a compensation claim.

Such claims can be initiated if your injury was sustained in a manner that might place liability on another individual, group, business, or local authority. And at 1-800Vincent, we’re interested in helping you find injury lawyers in Little Haiti to help you build your injury case. Our lawyer referral service will link you with the best-match lawyer in your area to help you build your claim and win compensation after an injury.

Types of Injury

There is an almost unlimited number of injuries once you take your location, the circumstances that led to your injury, and the injury itself into account. An injury on the roads when you’re behind the wheel can range from a mild case of whiplash or concussion to a number of serious and debilitating injuries. Meanwhile, accidents at work or in a public space such as a mall or a city sidewalk are equally diverse.

The important aspect of your injury that you must remember is that if it may have been caused by a lack of oversight – or negligence – on the part of a third party, you may be able to claim compensation for whatever injury resulted from your accident – however major or minor. This is what a lawyer referred to you by 1-800Vincent will help you establish.


All injury cases presented to a court of law hinge on liability. There are several circumstances where this is clear-cut – like when you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault. You might also have been injured at work, which will likely be the result of poor health and safety planning.

Other injuries are less clear-cut, but this must not dissuade you from attempting to win compensation – through a registered lawyer who is an expert in cases such as yours. With one call to 1-800Vincent, you can be put in touch with the ideal lawyer to fight your case – someone who will be able to tell you, after hearing a few details of your injury, the likelihood that you can receive compensation for your accident.


When you fight for compensation after an injury that you believe wasn’t your fault, you’re trying to claim back all the cash that you believe you’ve lost as a result of your injury. You may also get a payout to offset the pain and suffering that you’ve experienced – which is quantified monetarily based on the severity of your injury. You can claim for:

  • Any possessions of yours which were damaged or outright broken when you sustained your injury – like a smartphone or an item of clothing.
  • Your vehicle or the possessions within it, if you had an accident that led to an injury in your car.
  • All medical and hospital fees that you had to cover to get treated for your injury, including medication, surgery, and rehabilitation.
  • All transport costs that you’ve had to shoulder because of your injury – like cabs where you might have otherwise driven.
  • Lost earnings if you were forced to take a break from work after sustaining your injury.

In all of the above cases, you’ll be out of pocket as a direct result of an injury to your person that you were not responsible nor liable for. That’s what your case will be built around, and this is the information that expert injury lawyers in Little Haiti will ask for from you when building your case.

Our Process

At 1-800Vincent, we believe that every injury that takes place might have been the fault of a third party – and that it’s always worth enquiring with a legal professional about any case of injury that you or a family member sustained from a slip and fall to a car accident.

That’s why we’ve set up a speedy and efficient lawyer referral service, which saves you the time of searching high and low for a law firm that’ll suit you – and who you can trust to deliver you the win that you’re looking for. We’ll ask you a few questions about your case, and for your answers, we’ll search our database to find you the most-suited injury lawyer in your area to work alongside you on your claim.

From there, you’ll be in the capable hands of the Little Haiti personal injury lawyer we selected for you. We have the utmost confidence in these attorneys, and their ability, time and again, to deliver compensation for those who have suffered injuries in the Little Haiti area in Greater Miami, too.

So, if you’ve recently experienced an injury in the area, why not give 1-800Vincent a call today to describe your circumstances and to see if you, too, are due compensation?


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Take pictures of the accident scene and collect eyewitness statements.

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Call Vincent and give him the details about your accident. Let Vincent match your case with a personal injury lawyer near you.

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Leave your worries in the hands of your injury attorney.

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