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Taking to the roads should be a safe experience, but sometimes individuals are involved in collisions and accidents that they didn’t expect. These experiences of road traffic accidents can be traumatic – but they can also cause you an injury that costs you in medical expenses, and they can lead to you having to shell out thousands of dollars for a new vehicle.

Whether you experienced your car accident in Little Haiti or in the surrounding Miami area, our team at 1-800Vincent is built upon the understanding that compensation is only won when a claimant is matched with the right lawyer. That’s why we offer a lawyer referral service, taking the legwork out of the process of finding legal representation following your car accident in the State of Florida.

Your Accident

When you have an accident on the road, your first priority is always your safety and the safety of those who are sharing a vehicle with you. This responsibility is always paramount and will take precedence in the immediate aftermath of your accident.

Whether you’re treated at the scene of your accident by paramedics or you take yourself to the hospital in your own time, getting checked out by medical professionals after your accident is a must. Even minor car accidents can result in whiplash or other injuries, which you should have looked at. Once you know you’re safe and well-treated, it’ll be time to consider your next moves.

Your Legal Case

Every car accident is different, but it’ll be up to you and your legal representative to prove that the accident was out of your hands, that it was the negligence or mistake of another road user, pedestrian, or a road worker that led to your accident.

This is not altogether clear in the aftermath of some accidents. That means that building up a little evidence from the scene of the accident is important – and often, that’s exactly what police officers will be doing at the scene.

Gathering Evidence

When you’re involved in a road traffic accident, you are unlikely to immediately hop out of your vehicle to ask passersby for their contact details as witnesses. Instead, much of the evidence surrounding your collision will be collected by police officers. Nonetheless, it’s worth making a note, when it’s safe to do so, of your immediate memory of what happened during your car accident. Little Haiti car accident injury attorneys will use this evidence in court to win you compensation.

Making a Claim

Making a legal claim can feel like a huge mountain to climb. You might be fearful of the paperwork involved or the endless phone calls that you’ll have to make to a lawyer’s office. Unfortunately, this often prevents many people from trying to win compensation for their injuries after a car accident.

At 1-800Vincent, we’ve spent years linking car accident victims with the legal representation that they need to fight and win their compensation case. We know that, with the right representation, you’ll be able to continue your daily life as normal while your accident and injury attorney works tirelessly behind the scenes to build your case and make your claim. And, with our expert lawyer referral service, we work behind the scenes, too – to find you the best-match accident attorney for you to work with.

What You’ll Claim For

An injury sustained in a car accident can lead to many different expenses. All of these expenses linked to your car accident can be built into your overall compensation claim, which will often total many thousands of dollars. Here are some of the expenses that you might claim for when building your compensation case with a lawyer we refer you to:

  • Pain and suffering costs of your injuries

These are typically quantified in cash by the severity of your injury or injuries.

  • The medical treatment expenses associated with your injury

This might mean the costs of a doctor’s check-up or the cost of multiple hospital visits, surgery, medication, and rehabilitation.

  • Property damage

These are the costs associated with the damage to your vehicle and to your belongings that were contained within it.

  • Any and all expenses linked to your lack of mobility

This could be the loss of earnings at work or the costs associated with taking cabs and public transport instead of using your car.

As you can imagine, these costs do add up rapidly. It’s important that you keep track of all of them in order to put forward a fair and complete list of expenses that you’ll claim for in your compensation case.

Working With 1-800Vincent

We’re dedicated to helping you receive the compensation you deserve after your car accident. By linking you with a Little Haiti car accident injury attorney, we do all the legwork in finding you the best-match lawyer to help work on your case, constructing your legal claim, and working behind the scenes to win you the compensation you deserve.


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Take pictures of the accident scene and collect eyewitness statements.

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Call Vincent and give him the details about your accident. Let Vincent match your case with a personal injury lawyer near you.

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Leave your worries in the hands of your injury attorney.

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