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Little Haiti Uber or Lyft Car Accidents

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Twenty years ago, many of our car journeys were taken in our own vehicles. Today, it makes more financial sense to order a ride-share car to your door each time you need to be taken somewhere – hence the rise of Uber, Lyft, and other new cab companies.

Unfortunately, this change in road users hasn’t changed the fact that thousands of accidents in Miami are continually taking place on the roads each year. Accidents and injuries are common in Miami, and if you’re injured or experience a wrongful death of a loved one in an accident when you’re in a ride-share app, you need to know what to do next.

Accidents in a Ride-Share Car

There are a number of steps that you should take in the immediate aftermath of an accident that you’ve experienced while in the back seats of an Uber or a Lyft vehicle. These steps mirror what you ought to do in any car accident, with one exception:

  • Make sure you’re safe: There can be no higher priority after an accident than to make sure you’re safe. Get medical attention right away if you feel you need it for any personal injuries, and follow up with a doctor as a standard precaution.
  • Report the accident: You can easily forget to do this – and sometimes the accident is reported by another road user or by your driver. But it’s important that you register your accident with your local authorities to make them aware of what happened.
  • Gather evidence: If you’re safe to do so, it’s important that you gather evidence from the scene of your accident. Take photos on your phone, or a video of the scene – and write notes of what you remember, too.

The final step here is to make sure that you save the name and number plate of the Uber or Lyft driver. Usually your app will do this automatically, but it’s worth taking a screenshot just in case.

Accidents Resulting in Injuries

The number of Little Haiti Uber or Lyft car accidents is rising – and that means that the rate of injuries taking place in these ride-hailing vehicles is likewise on the rise. If you are injured in an accident involving one of these vehicles, it’s important that you consider making a compensation claim with the help of legal advice.

As Uber and Lyft operate with different insurance policies than most car users, and they’re large companies who are able to fight cases differently, you’ll have to approach your case differently to if you were injured in a car accident in your own vehicle. In short, you’ll need an injury attorney who is experienced specifically in Lyft and Uber cases – and will know just how to work your case to achieve the compensation you deserve after your accident.

Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyers

At 1-800Vincent, we’ve been working with injury lawyers who know the ins and outs of these ride-hailing apps since Uber first hit the roads of Miami. This means that we’re well-connected to lawyers who will be able to help you fight the specific legal fight that you’ll bring to these drivers.

Our mission is to connect the injured and out-of-pocket with lawyers who know how to fight for them to win compensation. That’s why we set up 1-800Vincent as a lawyer referral service for those in need – linking up individuals who are due compensation with the lawyers who are capable of winning it for them.

Compensation Claims

Even though your Uber or Lyft accident is unique to you, it will follow the same basic pattern of many other accidents that regularly take place across Miami roads and highways. As such, we can briefly outline the kinds of costs that we believe you will claim compensation for after your own car accident experience with the help of your car accident lawyer:

  • Pain and suffering after your accident
  • Medical and healthcare fees related to the accident
  • Lost earnings
  • Any items that you own that were broken or damaged in the accident

All of this can add up to a large potential compensation claim – which is why we strongly recommend getting in touch with 1-800Vincent today to get a personal injury attorney.

Our Process

When you get in touch with 1-800Vincent, we’ll immediately look to connect you with the best-fit legal representative for you.

That means that we’ll ask you only as many questions as are necessary to narrow down our search, saving you hours upon hours of calls, emails, and negotiations with lawyers in Little Haiti and beyond.

We’ll then refer you to a lawyer we’ve tailored to suit your Lyft or Uber accident – who will then take your case forwards with confidence and guile to win the compensation that you deserve.


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Step 1


Take pictures of the accident scene and collect eyewitness statements.

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Step 2


Call Vincent and give him the details about your accident. Let Vincent match your case with a personal injury lawyer near you.

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Step 3


Leave your worries in the hands of your injury attorney.

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