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Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Little Haiti

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When we talk of accidents on the roads, we usually think of those behind the wheel of a car or riding a motorbike or a bicycle. However, there are thousands of cases of pedestrian accidents in Miami each year – the result of a road traffic event or an injury sustained when legally crossing a road or highway.

If you’ve found yourself caught up in a pedestrian accident in Little Haiti or the surrounding area, and you’re looking for compensation for your injuries, 1-800Vincent is well-equipped to find you the right lawyer for your particular case. We offer a simple, swift, and reliable lawyer referral service that you can trust to deliver the compensation you deserve.

Here, we’ll look at the steps you should take after experiencing pedestrian accident injuries in Little Haiti – from checking your health with a doctor to working with a lawyer to secure compensation.

Your Safety

When pedestrians are involved in accidents while walking across, beside, or around the road network, they are often seriously injured. In many cases – especially when you’re obeying the law and not crossing a road illegally – you’ll find that you’re due compensation for the injuries you sustained in your accident.

Nonetheless, your first thought after experiencing a pedestrian accident will always be about your personal safety. You’ll check yourself for injuries, and you’ll try to calm yourself down after a traumatic and dramatic event that you often did not foresee.

If you’re seriously injured in the event of a pedestrian accident, you’ll be rushed to hospital in an ambulance within minutes. But even minor injuries are likely to be attended by an ambulance – and, if not, you should get yourself to a doctor or to the accident department of your local hospital. This will help ensure that you’re getting the right treatment irrespective of the severity of your injuries.

Assigning Liability

Pedestrian accidents are peculiar in the realm of road traffic law in that they can happen at any time and in any place – and are often completely unpredictable. Some pedestrian accidents come about as a result of dangerous driving; others from motorists missing stoplights. Your accident might have been a case of bad luck or complete negligence on the part of a motorist or another pedestrian.

When you get in touch with the personal injury lawyer to help you build your compensation case, they’ll be concerned with assigning liability for your accident. They’ll want to know what happened and who was to blame. This means gathering a little evidence, if you can, from the scene of the accident.

Gathering Evidence

Many pedestrian accidents are so severe that you will not be able to gather evidence. In these cases, the police, passersby, and other motorists will likely gather evidence for you – sharing with you their contact details or taking yours.

In other cases where you are able to gather evidence, you should seek to take photos and videos of the scene, including images of the number plates of all motorists involved in your accident. Meanwhile, you should look to speak to any witnesses to your accident, who may be willing to provide evidence in your case to prove liability for your accident.

Your Claim

With liability in the process of being assigned, you’ll need to think about what compensation you’re due. After all, when you’re injured, and it’s not your fault, you’re entitled to take the responsible party – or parties – to court.

The compensation payout that you receive will be relative the amount of money you’ve been forced to part with as a result of your pedestrian accident and the injuries you sustained. You may include in your claim the costs of medical attention, surgery, treatment, medications, rehabilitation, and check-ups related to your accident and the cost of transport that you were forced to take – often taxis – when you were injured.

You may also be able to claim any costs of damage to your possessions. This might include clothing, accessories, gadgets, bags, or other goods that you were carrying at the time.

You should also take note of the costs associated with loss of earnings or the events you were forced to miss due to your injuries.

Your claim is based around these factors – so make sure you collect evidence of your costs as they accuse after your pedestrian accident.

Our Lawyer Referral Service

At 1-800Vincent, we want you to have the smoothest and simplest journey towards your compensation package. We offer a lawyer referral service, which will link you to legal representation in the aftermath of your pedestrian accident. You won’t need to spend you time searching for a law firm or trying to gain compensation from your insurance companies on your own.

By making just one call to our expert team, you’ll find yourself provided with a Little Haiti personal injury lawyer that we deem best-suited to work on your case – with the right experience and skills to push for your compensation win – either inside or outside of court.


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Step 1


Take pictures of the accident scene and collect eyewitness statements.

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Call Vincent and give him the details about your accident. Let Vincent match your case with a personal injury lawyer near you.

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Leave your worries in the hands of your injury attorney.

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