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Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Miami, FL

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Miami Bicycle Accident Lawyer for Personal Injury

Miami’s metropolitan populations make the city unsafe for both cyclists and pedestrians. According to Miami New Times, Miami-Dade ranked as the top fifth County with the highest number of cyclist fatalities across the country in 2016. The number of bicycle accidents that have resulted in injury to the cyclist is much higher than the number of cyclists killed in Miami. Bicycle accidents almost always result in some type of injury to the cyclist due to the lack of protection of the bicycle accident victim.

Being left with painful injuries and dealing with the insurance companies is difficult to handle after a bicycle accident in Miami. If you have been involved in a Miami bicycle accident today, it is critical that you find a Miami bicycle accident lawyer who can help you understand your rights and guide you through the aftermath of your accident.

Knowing which Miami accident attorney to call after a cyclist accident can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know of any. 1-800VINCENT works in network with Miami accident attorneys who are well-versed and highly experienced in handling bicycle car accident insurance claims. Call Vincent today to be connected immediately with the best accident lawyer in Miami for your specific case.


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After a bicycle rider is struck by a car, injuries will likely begin to surface. The injuries sustained by the cyclist can result in the collection of medical bills and lost wages. Without a skilled personal injury attorney by your side, it will be difficult and risky to negotiate for the compensation you deserve on your own.

Insurance companies will try to minimize the size of your claim and without the proper knowledge of your legal rights, it can make it easy for the insurance companies to do so. The insurance companies also like to place fault on the cyclist and try to prove that the accident was at least partly the fault of the cyclist. If the fault driver and insurer are able to successfully blame the bicycle rider for at least part of the accident, this will reduce the amount the cyclist will receive for their damages. This is known as the Florida Comparative Negligence Statute. Therefore, if the cyclist is found to be 30% at fault for the incident, then the compensation he or she would have received will be reduced by 30%.

A Miami accident injury lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and will help to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled to. If you have been involved in a cyclist accident with a motor vehicle, call 1-800VINCENT today. Vincent will find a reputable accident injury attorney in Miami who can help you pursue your claim.

  1. Seek Medical Attention

The first and most important step is to seek medical attention immediately after a bicyclist is hit by car in Miami. Call an ambulance and have them check and transport the injured cyclist to a hospital facility where they can be evaluated and treated properly for any serious injuries they may have sustained.

2. Call the Police

It important to call the police in order to file an accident report, which will be used to support your case.

3. Collect Evidence

This should include pictures and/or videos of the surrounding environment in which the Miami accident occurred, including photos of the vehicle and bicycle, the injuries you may have sustained, and of the exact area where the accident occurred. Also, exchange and collect contact information, including the driver’s tag number, insurance information, and name and number of any witnesses that may have been present.

4. Visit a Physician

After a bicycle rider has been struck by a motor vehicle, it is highly recommended that the cyclist see a licensed doctor to evaluate the severity of their injuries. Just because you may not feel pain doesn’t mean you’re uninjured.

5. Find a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Miami

1-800VINCENT can help you find the best pedestrian accident lawyer in Miami to guide you through the legal matters of your case

Economic: Medical bills, physical rehabilitation and medication, lost wages, property damage (bicycle repair). Non-economic: Pain and suffering

If a close family member has passed in a Miami bicycle accident, it can be difficult to even think about filing a lawsuit. Although no dollar amount could ever replace your loved one, filing a lawsuit can help your family avoid financial burden that may come with the loss of a loved one.

1-800VINCENT can connect your family with a compassionate wrongful death attorney in Miami that is highly experienced in working with the family of the deceased accident victim. A wrongful death lawyer in Miami will pursue the compensation the family is legally entitled on their behalf during such a difficult time.

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