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Rideshare Accident Hollywood

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Getting Compensation after a Rideshare Accident Hollywood

The rise of ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft has been very convenient for Hollywood residents, but it can be very complicated to get insurance compensation when they are involved in an accident. The speed at which ridesharing apps have grown in popularity means that laws and regulations that are in place to protect drivers and passengers is very limited for ridesharing services. Unfortunately, due to the nature of smartphone reliance and a lack of screening by companies like Uber and Lyft, accidents do happen. If you are involved in an accident while using a ridesharing service, then it’s vital that you contact a Hollywood auto accident lawyer that has experience with making claims against a ridesharing company.


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There are a strict set of criteria that will have to be met if you are making a claim after an accident involving a Lyft or Uber vehicle. The liability laws can be very complex, so it’s best to contact an Uber Lyft accident attorney who knows exactly what you need to do and when. The post-accident process can be very intricate but hiring the right attorney can make the process much less confusing. Any Hollywood auto accident lawyer that has experience with dealing with rideshare service claims will have a better understanding of the exact process, making it far more likely that you will get the financial compensation that you need.

One of the reasons why claims made against an Uber or Lyft driver are so complicated is because of the different types of coverage that may be involved. If your rideshare driver was not at fault, then you may need to make a claim using your own personal injury protection insurance (PIP), although both Uber and Lyft may cover up to 20% of your medical expenses. If your accident was the fault of your rideshare driver, then they will be covered by their own PIP policy.


However, the major ridesharing companies also offer their own coverage, meaning that the legalities can get very complicated very quickly.


The differences between primary and secondary coverage, and how much settlement you might receive from either, can make all the difference when it comes to your total compensation amount. If you feel you will not be able to build the best case for yourself, then you should reach out to a specialist in the area such as an uber accident lawyer Hollywood based. Reaching out to a lawyer for a car accident in Hollywood may not be enough, however, a Hollywood uber accident lawyer will be clued up on the important information and factors that will need to be considered when building your case.

They might be easy and convenient to use, but legal matters involving rideshare vehicles can be very complicated. Claims against Uber or Lyft will differ in the way that they are managed by your personal insurance. That can make it very difficult to get the settlement that you need to aid your recovery from an accident.


There are a large number of crucial steps to take when making a claim involving a rideshare vehicle, which is why it’s so vital that you obtain the services of an Uber Lyft accident attorney as soon as you have received the right medical care immediately following an auto accident.


The early aftermath of an accident is when mistakes can be made, but you can avoid this from impacting your case and your future by contacting an expert, such as an auto accident attorney in Hollywood who is familiar with Uber and Lyft accidents.

There are more Uber and Lyft vehicles on the road than ever, and accidents can happen at any time. The rise in the number of car accidents involving ridesharing vehicles has clearly identified the three most common types of accident.


  • You as a passenger: This is the most common type of ridesharing accident. In these cases, it does not matter if your Uber driver was at fault for the accident. If you were injured in the collision, then you have the right to make a claim for compensation.


  • A rideshare driver hits your car: The responsibility in these cases will be the driver of the ride-sharing vehicle. They will be the ones liable for the insurance settlement.


  • Being hit as a pedestrian/cyclist: These types of accidents can result in serious injuries because you do not have the protection of a car. In these cases, the driver responsible for the accident will be at fault and will be liable for your claim.


No matter whether you were inside of a rideshare car at the time of an accident or not, if you have suffered an injury due to the actions of an Uber or Lyft driver then you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. The problems start to arise when you look at the legal defenses of the ridesharing companies themselves. Both Uber and Lyft stipulate that their drivers must have their own insurance policy. However, many of these drivers do not get coverage that covers their vehicle for commercial use. That can lead to some serious complications when it comes to you making your claim.


Uber has insurance that can make the process of making a claim easier. If the rideshare driver does not have the right (or adequate) insurance coverage, then you can request that the ridesharing company’s insurance is used alongside what is already in place.

There are some simple steps that you need to take if you have been injured in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle. You may have medical expenses that need to be addressed, may be missing out on work hours and wages, and you could have ongoing issues with pain and suffering. This is why you need to retain the services of a Miami car accident attorney who has experience of dealing with rideshare cases.


Even trained lawyers can become quickly bewildered by the processes involved with claims involving Uber and Lyft drivers. That’s why you need to ensure that your lawyer has successes with accidents involving an Uber or Lyft vehicle. On their websites, both Uber and Lyft have advice for their drivers, and they are instructed to call 911 immediately no matter who was at fault. The fact is that although rideshare companies rely on their customers having a good experience, they also need to protect their drivers.


Aside from the initial response, the next steps of the company can be hard to gauge. They seem intentionally vague about the next steps to take. That’s why it’s so important that you find the right lawyer. Make sure that your legal team have experience with taking the cases of those injured in an Uber or Lyft vehicle.


Both Uber and Lyft have up to $1 million worth of coverage for accidents. They also have coverage for up to $50,000 per person when it comes to cases of personal injury. This will often be the main insurance plan in place after an accident involving a rideshare car. However, in more serious cases where this is not enough to cover your claim for compensation, then you may be able to access more. Having a lawyer fighting your case will make it far more likely that you get the compensation that you deserve.


Car accidents can result in a wide range of injury types, from short-term whiplash to long-term disabilities. If your quality of life or future ambitions have been severely affected by an accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver then getting legal help is vital.



As with all auto accidents, getting the right legal advice is essential. The aftermath of an accident involving any type of auto accident can be catastrophic, so if you want to ensure that you have the strongest claim and the potential for the best possible settlement, contact an Uber Lyft accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident takes place. To avoid a rideshare accident changing your life for the worse, take all the steps you can and reach out to the right people today. It has never been easier to find an auto accident attorney in Hollywood, but you may not have known how easy it is to find a specialist in Lyft and Uber cases. That will ensure that you get the settlement that you need without the additional stress of dealing with the ridesharing company and the insurance companies that are involved.

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