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Pedestrian accidents can be life-threatening due to the victim’s lack of protection and the overpowering weight of the vehicle. Being struck by a moving vehicle can cause serious physical impairments such as spinal injuries, brain injuries, fractures, and broken bones. Depending on the speed of the vehicle at the time of impact, an innocent pedestrian can be left with permanent disabilities, unable to work, and requiring long-term care.

If you have sustained serious injuries from a pedestrian accident in Ocala, you don’t have to face the consequences on your own. 1-800VINCENT can help you find the best-suited pedestrian accident attorney in Ocala based on the facts of your case to represent you. A skilled Ocala pedestrian accident lawyer can advise you of your rights and of what you may be legally entitled to, including lost wages, medical bills, and personal suffering. The expert pedestrian accident lawyers affiliated with 1-800VINCENT are well-versed in pedestrian accident laws and are highly experienced in representing innocent victims of pedestrian accidents.

At 1-800VINCENT, we work diligently to provide you with access to the best pedestrian accident attorneys in Ocala for your case because we understand the emotional trauma and pain that arises from being involved in a pedestrian accident. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident in Ocala and don’t have a pedestrian accident attorney who will guide you through the aftermath of your accident and ensure you receive nothing but the best possible outcome for your situation, call 1-800VINCENTnow. While you focus on healing and recovery, an Ocala pedestrian accident lawyer can handle the legal matters and work vigorously to get you the settlement you deserve!


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  • Although every motorist has a legal responsibility to protect pedestrians and non-motorists, not all drivers take proper precaution on the road. Unfortunately, the collision of a motor vehicle with a pedestrian at any speed can cause significant injury to an unprotected victim.

    Florida ranks as the second state with the most fatalities due to the collision of a motor vehicle with a pedestrian, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Although pedestrian accidents are more common in metropolitan areas, pedestrian collisions occurring in Ocala, Florida can often leave the unprotected victim with serious injuries. This may be due to a greater number of trucks and other large vehicles on the road. In 2015, 128 pedestrian crashes were reported in Marion County, Ocala alone.

If struck at just the right angle, a pedestrian accident can cause irreversible spinal cord, neck, or brain injuries. Serious injury or even death can result from the impact of a vehicle at just 10 mph. The severity of the injuries that result from a pedestrian accident in Ocala is often greater with increasing speed of the motor vehicle, although critical injuries and fatalities have been recorded at slower speeds. Pedestrian accidents are particularly dangerous for the pedestrian due to the victim’s lack of protection and almost always end up in some type of injury. Common injuries resulting from a pedestrian collision include:

  • Fractures

  • Broken Bones

  • Amputations

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Death


Serious injury from a pedestrian accident may result in permanent disability, the inability to work, and the need for long-term care. Unfortunately, expensive medical bills and the funds required for rehabilitation or long-term medical treatment can be financially damaging to the accident victim. If you have been injured in a pedestrian crash in Ocala, call 1-800VINCENT now to be connected immediately with an experienced Ocala pedestrian accident lawyer who will help ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to cover the costs of your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Pedestrian accidents in Ocala often result in an injured pedestrian. Depending on the severity of the injuries that have been sustained, the innocent pedestrian may be left with expensive medical bills and lost wages from the inability to work. Fortunately, there are a couple of legal options the victim may choose from to pursue compensation after being injured in an Ocala pedestrian accident.

Under the Florida no-fault law, all resident motorists in Ocala, Florida are required to obtain a minimum amount of liability coverage, which includes $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP). If the injured pedestrian has PIP on their auto insurance, the victim may use their PIP benefits to recover medical expenses and lost wages. If the motorist has car insurance, the injured victim may also file a claim under the driver’s insurance policy. In the case that the motorist does not have sufficient insurance, hiring an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in Ocala should be considered to initiate a civil lawsuit.

Seeking compensation and understanding Florida’s laws can be highly confusing and difficult after being injured in an Ocala pedestrian accident. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident in Ocala, Florida, call 1-800VINCENT now to be connected immediately with a skilled pedestrian accident attorney in Ocala who will handle the legal matters of your case and work vigorously to get you the settlement you deserve.

If you have sustained serious injuries from a pedestrian accident in Ocala and need a trial attorney, call 1-800VINCENT now to be connected immediately with a caring pedestrian accident lawyer in Ocala. The pedestrian accident attorneys in Ocalaaffiliated with 1-800VINCENT are well-versed and highly experienced in handling these types of cases. Once hired, an expert pedestrian accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case and collect the necessary evidence to recover the maximum compensation for any injuries and personal suffering you may have sustained in a pedestrian accident in Ocala, FL.

At 1-800VINCENT, your health and restoration are our top priorities. That is why we work diligently to match the specifics of your case with the pedestrian accident lawyer in Ocala that is best suited to represent your case. The Ocala pedestrian accident attorney you are matched with will advise you of your rights and handle the legal matters for you.

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