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The premises liability law states that property owners have a legal obligation to keep their property reasonably safe and hazard-free. In some cases, the property owner may fail to comply with premise safety regulations, which may result in the life-altering injuries to innocent victims. Although slip and fall accidents may occur for several reasons, they could have often been prevented if the property owner had taken the proper precautions to prevent the existence of hazardous conditions.

If you have been seriously injured due to a hazardous condition on someone else’s property and believe you have grounds for a slip and fall lawsuit, call  1-800VINCENT now. An experienced Ocala slip and fall injury lawyer can help to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for the medical treatment you need to restore you to health. If you do not have a Marion County personal injury lawyer and don’t know who to call, 1-800VINCENT can connect you immediately with highly skilled slip and fall lawyers in Ocala Fl. The Ocala personal injury lawyer assigned to your individual case will handle the legal matters on your behalf and will answer any questions you have regarding your case.



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  • Wet and slippery floors without any warning signs

  • rip-and-fall on a foreign or unmarked object

  • Stepping into an unexpected hole

  • Uneven surfaces

  • The indistinct transition from one surface to another, such as an unmarked step

  • Poor property maintenance


Public establishments and other popular places, such as grocery stores, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, apartments, and even private homes should be safe and hazard-free. If a foreseeable hazard was present and caused injury to you or someone you know, call 1-800VINCENT now to be matched with an expert slip and fall attorney in Ocala, Fl.

Common Injuries Resulting from a Slip and fall or Trip and Fall Injuries resulting from a slip and fall in Ocala can be serious and often include back injuries, head injuries, broken bones, or even death. According to Florida Injury Facts, slip and fall accidents are the fourth-leading cause of injury death and is the leading cause of injury death among Floridians of 65 years of age or older. Although serious injuries may not result from every slip and fall accident, other personal injuries may be sustained. Other common fall injuries sustained in an Ocala slip and fall incident include fractures and soft tissue injuries.


Even if the slip and fall accident seemed like a minor one, it is extremely important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after the incident has occurred. It is extremely important to understand that some fall injuries can take a few days or even weeks to surface. However, the longer you wait to be evaluated for personal injury, the less likely it will be to recover the full compensation to which you may have been legally entitled to. It is not uncommon to have broken bones, lacerations, fractures, back injuries, or neck injuries resulting from a slip and fall incident. Seeking medical attention immediately after the slip and fall accident in Ocala will allow you to obtain a written professional diagnosis of any injuries that were caused by the hazardous conditions, which will be used to support your personal injury case.

It is reasonable for any guest who enters a premise to assure safe conditions since it is the legal obligation of the property owner to keep the premise free from hazard. Unfortunately, some property owner’s fail to comply with premise safety regulations, which can cause life-altering injuries to an innocent victim.


If you have slipped, tripped, and fell due to the presence of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property, how can you prove that your slip, trip & fall accident in Ocala was due to the negligence of the property owner? In order to prove that the injuries sustained in a slip and fall incident were due to the negligence of the business or owner, you must prove that the owner or manager should have reasonably known about the dangerous condition present on the premise and failed to fix it.


In most cases, the property owners or business management will try to place blame on the injured victim. If the victim of the slip and fall accident in Ocala does not know what evidence to collect to prove the negligence of the opposite party, the injured victim may end up dealing with the consequences of the slip and fall incident on their own. On the other hand, if the victim can prove that the property owner knew or reasonably should have known about the hazardous condition, then it is likely that the person will win the case and receive compensation for their injuries.


The slip and fall lawyers in Ocala Fl are well-versed with personal injury law and know which evidence to collect and present to the insurance companies to win your case. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident and don’t know where to start in filing personal injury claim, contact 1-800VINCENT today.

Slip and fall accident cases are extremely intricate due to the specific evidence that must be presented to prove the property owner liable for your injuries. Just because there were unsafe conditions on the property, and you were injured doesn’t mean that the property owner is liable for the injuries you have sustained. The injured victim must be able to prove that the property owner knew or reasonably should have known about the hazardous condition.


1-800VINCENT works intricately to match the specifics of your case with an Ocala slip and fall attorney who is best suited to represent you. All the slip and fall lawyers in Ocala Fl affiliated with 1-800VINCENT are highly experienced in handling trip and fall injury claims and know exactly what evidence to collect to support your case. The Ocala personal injury attorney matched to your case will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case and determine the dangerous conditions that may have caused your injuries, such as a wet floor or uneven walking surfaces.


If you or someone you know has sustained an injury in a slip, trip and fall incident on another’s property in Ocala, it is important to consult with an Ocala slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. It is important to note that a legal time limit exists in which you may file a lawsuit.


Once the time limit has passed, you will be unable to open a claim for your injuries and will not receive the compensation to which you may be legally entitled to. At 1-800VINCENT, you will be connected to a skilled personal injury lawyer in Ocala who is highly experienced in proving that your slip and fall incident was caused by the property owner’s negligence. If the property owner is found to be legally responsible for your injuries, you may be eligible to receive compensation for:

  • Your injuries
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering


If you have been injured in a slip and fall incident on another’s property due to hazardous conditions and believe you may have grounds for a slip and fall case, contact 1-800VINCENT for free today.

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