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Can I Claim Compensation For My Bicycle Accident?

There are several ways in which you can be involved in a bicycle accident, and the vast majority of cases are not the cyclist’s fault. Whether it’s poor road surfacing, careless drivers or thoughtless pedestrians, your accident is likely to occur through no fault of your own. As such, you may be able to claim compensation to cover the costs associated with your bicycle accident case, reaping a cash silver lining to your unpleasant experience of being knocked off your bike. This article explains what you can do to claim compensation after a bike crash.

Establish Liability

Many cases of a bike accident in the saddle are clear-cut, and you’ll know exactly who knocked you out of the seat. However, other cases are a little murkier, and you’ll have to be at least sure that your bicycle crash was through no fault of your own in order to be sure that you’re able to make a compensatory claim through an experienced compensation provider.

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Close-up Of A Bicycle Accident On The City Street

If in doubt, it’s of course still worth giving your bicycle accident attorney a call to discuss your case and explain exactly what happened to them – they’ll advise you about possible liability options.

Discuss Your Case

Most injured cyclists don’t own bicycle insurance, which means that your only port of call when it comes to a bicycle accident will be to contact a specialist in this area – a lawyer who’s dealt with many cases of bicycle accidents in their career, winning compensation for their claimants.

This experience will prove all-important in the relatively niche field of bicycle accident compensation claims. One of the first pieces of advice your accident attorney will give you is how to gather evidence to support your claim, and you’ll be able to do this immediately after your accident to continually strengthen your case and build your compensation total.

Add Evidence to Your Claim

Evidence gathering in the event of a bicycle accident serves two purposes. Firstly, it enables your accident attorney to look at the facts and plan out the best angle to enact the case from, with supplementary information to support their claims. This is incredibly important if you’re to achieve compensation by confirming third party liability.

The other purpose of gathering evidence is to build up a list of costs you’ve accrued as a result of your bicycle accident. Maybe you’ve had to miss work, cancel holidays, spend more on transport or shed cash in hospital and medicine fees. In all of these cases, you should note down evidence and keep receipts in order to gain the most from your claim’s payout.

Bicycle Accident Compensation

So, with the evidence provided above, you will likely be due some form of compensation after your bicycle accident – if only for the damages to your bicycle, if not to your person and your livelihood. Just follow the steps outlined above, and make sure you’re abreast of your evidence, in order to launch a claim and leave it in the hands of experienced professionals who’ll take your case forward, step by step.

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